Some Of The Topics Covered At The Annual Seminar This Week

The ASCDC Annual Seminar starts this Thursday. Here are just some of the topics to be covered.

“Damages:  Protect your Case by Utilizing Sophisticated Social Media and Subrosa Investigations

Moderator:  Lindy M. Bradley, Esq.

Nothing is better for the defense of your personal injury case than the one-two punch of social media impeachment evidence, and “home-run” subrosa video.  Learn the latest in both fields from a social media expert, and a veteran private investigator.  Accomplished defense trial attorneys on this panel will teach fool-proof techniques of authentication and admissibility to make sure this impeachment evidence comes in at trial.

“Damages:  Proven Strategies to Combat Inflated and Exaggerated Economic Damages.”

Moderator:  R. Bryan Martin

Economic Damages are the back-bone of any case but are often embellished.  Learn successful ways to attack inflated economic damages and effective trial cross-examination of plaintiff’s life care planner and vocational rehabilitation experts.  An accomplished appellate attorney will also advise on the best ways to protect the record and will provide insight into combating lien based “as-billed” medical specials in light of the recent Court of Appeal opinion in Pebley v. Santa Clara Organics.

“Experts:  Everything you Wanted to Know about Biomechanics but were Afraid to Ask.” 

Moderator:  Lisa J. McMains, Esq.

Biomechanics is the science of how the body responds to applied external and internal forces.  A biomechanical engineer is able to examine specific injuries and applied forces to determine causation.  This panel composed of two highly-qualified biomechanical experts and two veteran defense trial attorneys will discuss the effective use of such experts both at the pre-trial and trial stage.

“Evidence:  People v. Sanchez – One Year Later”

Moderator:  Marshall R. Cole

Back by popular demand is an analysis of the People v. Sanchez case and its application of the hearsay rule to expert testimony.  This panel of distinguished experts will provide current insight into the Sanchez case and their experiences from the perspective of both the Plaintiff and Defense Bar, the Judiciary, as well as an appellate view. The panel will also address how to avoid the “trap doors” the Sanchez decision presents for the civil trial lawyer.

“Secrets to Success:  Women Owned Law Firms”

Moderator:  Lisa D. Collinson

Inspiration and tribulations guided by sheer determination.  Learn from these women law firm leaders as to how and why they began their own law firms.   Their presentation will include individual challenges they faced and hurdles they successfully overcame along the way.

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Alan Dershowitz To Sign His New Book At Annual Seminar Luncheon

One of America’s most celebrated lawyers and a Democrat explains why impeachment proceedings would be a bad idea for America―and only intensify the larger problem with our democracy.

In the 2018 New York Times bestseller The Case Against Impeaching Trump, Alan Dershowitz lamented how American political discourse has devolved into hypocrisy and the criminalization of political differences in the rush to impeach President Donald Trump. Arguments to impeach Trump failed Dershowitz’s “shoe on the other foot test,” or his political golden rule: Democrats must do unto Republicans what they would have Republicans do unto them, and vice versa.

Since then, we’ve only become more divided―and the impeachment power wielded by the new Democratic majority in the House of Representative threatens to further polarize the country.

The Case Against the Democratic House Impeaching Trump includes and expands upon Dershowitz’s 2018 book. It puts recent political events―including the hyper-partisan Kavanaugh hearings, the unrestrained power of the Mueller investigation, and the generally intolerant current political discourse―into context. American democracy, Dershowitz argues, is suffering from political hypocrisy. And two years of impeachment proceedings brought by the House―and the media circus that would undoubtedly surround them―is clearly not the answer. This book is Alan Dershowitz’s plea for honest dialogue―for arguments that would be made even if the shoe was on the other foot.

Hardcover books will be available for sale for $15. Bring cash, check or credit card. Professor Dershowitz will be signing books immediately after the luncheon on Friday, February 1.

Legislation And Inspiration At The Annual Seminar

Your membership and support of ASCDC and CDC allows our organization to influence state legislation at its core.

On Friday, our legislative advocate, Mike Belote, will update us on events in Sacramento, both generally and as they directly affect our legal practices. Mike will also share his thoughts on the new governor and many new “plaintiff friendly” state legislators as they formulate new laws and policies.

We then hear from our inspirational speaker, Eliza Schneider, the voice coach to the stars, who will give tips on how to more effectively communicate to your advantage.

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Back By Popular Demand…”Year In Review” At The Annual Seminar

As always, and by popular demand, we start off with the “Year in Review,” highlighting important appellate decisions from 2018. Two years ago, we discussed the People v. Sanchez case before it became a game changer for civil trial attorneys. Come see what could be the next big case to change the landscape of our legal practice.

Then, choose between a two-track program with something for everyone:

Damages Track

We will tackle the issue that has been one of great distress to the defense bar, that is the ever-increasing California jury awards of huge damages to plaintiffs, including discovery, non-economic damages and the always difficult non-economic, pain and suffering damages.

General Litigation Track

The other track will include using and understanding bio-mechanical experts and injury causation, particularly low to moderate impact auto collisions. Also, we will take a second look at Sanchez, one year later, as it continues to evolve in California courts. Finally, learn how to “torpedo-proof” your Motion for Summary Judgment.


What To Expect At This Year’s Annual Seminar

By Chris Faenza, President ASCDC

The Annual Seminar is our biggest event of the year, where there will be great opportunities to network with fellow civil defense lawyers, guests from both the insurance world and private business, current and retired judges, as well as many exhibitors and sponsors who will show you the latest products and services to help you in your practice. There will be topical and informative educational programs, as well as the ever-popular cocktail reception and a great keynote speaker!

This year, we are returning to the JW Marriott at LA Live, which is an exciting venue with many choices for dining, entertainment, and even “star” gazing. Should you choose to sample the entertainment at Staples Center, some 100 yards from the JW Marriott, you can “Feel the Love Tonight” with Sir Elton John on January 30th.

Can’t decide whether you want to see the Lakers with King James, or the LA Clippers? No need to decide, you can see them both on Thursday, January 31st (after the cocktail reception, of course). If you choose neither, rest assured that you can meet our own All-Stars and defense bar Royalty at the educational seminars. To add to your enjoyment of the event, book a room at the JW Marriott through the reserved room block for ASCDC.

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